Meet the New President

Mr Ogedengbe Kayode Anthony brings 27years of experience as a Medical Social Worker and rose to become a Deputy Director at the Medical Social Services Department, University College Hospital Ibadan. Mr. Ogedengbe is a graduate of the University of Ibadan in Psychology and Social Work. Currently a Doctoral candidate in Social work at the University of Nigeria Nssuka, Enugu. He had training in Genetic counseling and training in act of counselling for people living with HIV/AIDS.

He has worked in diverse specialties of clinical social work practice which includes Surgery, Accident and Emergency, Medicine, Psychiatric, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology unit and Paediatrics unit. He currently heads the Paediatrics and Child Welfare and Protection Units of the Medical Social Services Department. He is also the coordinator of the Departmental Social Work case conference.  He is a member of diverse multi-disciplinary team of the hospital and a Research Fellow of the Institute of Neuroscience of University College Hospital, Ibadan. He is the coordinator of student practicum at the medical social services Department U.C.H Ibadan. He is a member of the Alanu Fund committee of the University College Hospital Ibadan, Sexual Harassment Committee of University College Hospital Ibadan. He is also a serving member of the Board of management of the Ahmad Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria. He was the former National General Secretary of the Association of Medical Social Workers of Nigeria.

He is a Pastor at the Christ Life Church, Ibadan and Married with Children