New Year Message of Reassurance and Rejuvenation

On behalf of myself, my family, NEC and all Medical Social Workers in Nigeria, I wish you Happy New Year. It has been very busy and productive in 2019 and we are proud to have made many advances in promoting and advocating for the Medical Social Work profession in Nigeria during the year. This shall continue in the Year 2020.

As we turn to Year 2020, our collective focus is on the New Year is achieving our Schemes of Service and most importantly promoting the Importance of Human Relationships. Like the previous themes, we have the occasion for shared learning, to expand our practice examples and to jointly advocating for changes in the care of patients in the Nigerian hospitals.

The opportunities before us are enormous and we have an excellent starting point: Medical Social Workers have in-depth experience in implementing innovative ways of improving the wellbeing of patients in Nigeria. When working with a family or community, a core role of the profession is facilitating agreements between conflicted people that balance the rights of all patients in Nigerian hospitals. The rights of the child, the parent, the family, the culture, the minority and the majority are frequently in conflict, and Medical Social Worker’s intervention and consensus understanding of the rights is often achieved.

Happy New Year and I look forward to facing the challenges with you in 2020



National President, Association of Medical Social Workers of Nigeria (AMSWON)